Luxury Perfume Candle by PAIRFUM (50-60 hrs) – Natural, Clean Burn, Healthy – Blush Rose & Amber


Luxury Perfume Candle by PAIRFUM (50-60 hrs) – Natural, Clean Burn, Healthy – Blush Rose and Amber

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Large Perfumed Candles !

The Natural Snow Crystal Candle by Pairfum
These large perfumed candles will envelop your home with a sumptuously natural couture perfume. Simply light them and enjoy the atmosphere of a natural ‘Eau de Parfum’ from a candle. For the large Snow Crystal Candle we use the world’s best natural candle wax (stearin) for the purest perfume bloom and a beautifully clean burn. No other candle wax burns cleaner that stearin.
What Makes These Perfumed Candles So Special ?

We care about the people you give these perfumed candles to, they will know you care about them and their world too:

• beautifully sensuous fragrance

• ‘eau de parfum’ candles with natural essential oils

• the two wicks will ensure an even burn-down, right to the bottom of the Glass

• cleanest possible burn: no soot, no smoke, no toxins, non carcinogens

• burntime: 50 – 60 hrs

• 100 % biodegradable & natural wax (CO2 neutral)

• each candle has its own unique crystal structure in the wax

• made with natural wax sourced from old & sustainably managed farms

• the natural cotton wick is free from metal filaments and is not carcinogenic

• these large perfumed candles are handmade by artisans in our studio in Great Britain

• fill: 330g / 12 ounce

• deeply & highly scented: high fragrance loading, homogenously scented with natural couture perfume (top to bottom).

• 100% vegan and free genetically modified organisms

• No animal testing. We do not test any of our products on animals !

PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to your world within.
The World’s Cleanest Burning Wax ?

Yes, the large Snow Crystal Candle uses stearin, a wax which often hailed as the ‘Rolls Royce®’ of waxes and which carries the crown as the world’s cleanest burning candle wax. People in Scandinavia are passionate about candles and the Scandinavians are known to be the highest average consumers of candles. During the winter months, when there is very little daylight in Scandinavia, most households will be burning a multitude of candles at the same time. Any candle wax that soots or smokes even a little, would not be acceptable in these circumstances, as it would pollute the air in the room, e.g. it would lead to coughing. This is why the Scandinavians love stearin candles. The have consistently found it to be over time to be the cleanest burning wax and the most comfortable one to burn in their homes. Even though stearin candles tend to be more expensive, approx. 50% of all candles lit in Scandinavia are made from stearin. This pre-eminence of stearin is simple proof of their quality and why stearin carries the crown of the ‘cleanest burning candle wax’ in the world.
Is This A New Type Of Wax ?

Stearin is one of the oldest waxes and you will be surprised by how much is written about its qualities, when you run a search on the internet. It can be made from many natural oils: soy bean, coconut, palm, avocado, rapeseed, sunflower, etc. If you have Scandinavian friends or visit the region, then we invite you to enquire about ‘stearin’ or ‘sterin ljus’. You may be surprised by the passion and enthusiasm with which the speak about them. You will find most dinner candles and pillar candles will be made from stearin because it does not drip, another of its unique features.
Sparkling Diamonds Become Liquid ?
All of PAIRFUM’s Snow Crystal Candles have a sparkling surface, an effect that makes look like diamonds or frozen window panes. This is achieved through the use of a special grade of stearin and a unique manufacturing technique, that that relies on the skill and attention to detail of our artisan candle makers. This crystal wax will liquify when lit but reform and harden into snow crystals again when the flame is extinguished. PAIRFUM have pioneered the use of stearin in perfumed candles and we are strong advocates of its many qualities.
PAIRFUM acknowledges that Rolls Royce is registered trademark of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd.


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Luxury Perfume Candle by PAIRFUM (50-60 hrs) – Natural, Clean Burn, Healthy – Blush Rose & Amber