Natural Linen & Fabric Spray by PAIRFUM – Luxurious & Lasting Perfume – (100ml)

Natural Linen and Fabric Spray by PAIRFUM – Luxurious and Lasting Perfume – (100ml)

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Linen Spray – Fragrance for Linens, Sheets, Towels & Other Fabrics

Simply spray the Pairfum London’s “Flacon” Linen Spray to infuse your linens & fabrics with a beautifully natural scent.

This Linen Spray does NOT stain and you may use it on towels, sheets, pillows and many other types of fabrics (sofas, curtains, carpets, …).

Make your visitors feel welcome by adding a touch of loving elegance to your home with Pairfum London.

Fragrance allows your mind to drift and dream. Bring back fond memories when you open a wardrobe to take out a towel or double back the sheets.

Product Highlights

This natural linen spray may be used on many types of fabrics & linens:

– fragrances with natural essential oils
– promotes good health (naturally anti-bacterial)
– does not stain towels, sheets, pillows, linens or fabrics
– content: 100 ml
– uses natural alcohol (sustainable)
– biodegradable and CO2 neutral
– handmade in the UK

Refresh your linens & fabrics with an ‘Eau de Toilette’ !

Why An ‘Eau de Toilette’ Formulation In A Linen Spray ?

You will be pleased to know that this Linen Spray was expressly developed to be suitable for direct skin contact.

This is vital but often overlooked, as sheets, towels, linens and fabrics naturally come in contact with your face, hands and body during the course of a day.

Our formula is water-free and free from solubilisers, anti-bacterial agents, preservatives, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, toxins and other ‘nasties’ you would not want on your skin.

You may like this Linen Spray so much that you may be tempted to actually spray it directly onto your skin and wear it as you ‘Eau de Toilette’.


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