Natural Pillow Spray by PAIRFUM – Luxurious & Lasting Perfume (100ml)

Natural Pillow Spray by PAIRFUM – Luxurious and Lasting Perfume (100ml)

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A Pillow Spray For A Deep Night’s Sleep
Getting up rested, after a wonderful night’s sleep, is one of life’s pure joys.
The Essential Oils in this mist are a wonderful aid to send you to sleep naturally with power of Aromatherapie.
Everybody treasures drifting off to sleep quickly and we all deserve sleeping peacefully through the night.
A ‘healthy sleep’ should also be viewed as a fundamental part of your beauty regime, as the lack of sleep ages our skin prematurely.
This is why a helping hand from the therapeutic effects of fragrance is valued so much.
With is in mind, it is vital that you choose the pillow spray to match your needs:
• Linen & Lavender: this calming scent uses the a unique blend of lavender, chamomile and neroli, that has been scientifically proven to effectively reduce anxiety levels and increase sleep quality

• Blush Rose & Amber: relax and sleep with the aid of rose, benzoin oil and jasmine

• Orangerie Blossoms: with mandarine, jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood for relaxed sleeping

• Trail of White Petals: jasmine, white rose and ylang ylang oil

• SPA: sleep enhancing effects of bergamot, lavender and jasmine
Therapy & Intensity
Aromatherapy for a deeper sleep works. It is not just hearsay or a folk medicine but a proven route to better sleep.
Hence, be careful how much fragrance you spray on your pillows and sheets. More is not always better. Instead, we advise that you gradually find the level of intensity that works best for you.
The same applies to the scent you use. Even though scientific evidence may guide you in one direction, you may find, for example, that rose oil has a stronger therapeutic effect for you than lavender.
Observe, assess and diagnose your reactions. Adjust the fragrance oils you apply and work with accordingly.


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