Reed Diffuser Tower Classic – Bergamot & White Tea


Natural Reed Diffuser – Long-lasting & Healthy – Fragrances for 3 – 5 months (100 ml) – by PAIRFUM – Perfume: Bergamot & White Tea

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Natural & Healthy Reed Diffuser
Opening and displaying this Reed Diffuser in your room will feel like you just upgraded to an ‘Eau de Parfum’: it beautifully infuses your home with a natural and sensuous Couture Perfume.

What makes this product so special ?
PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to the world within your home:

 Fragrances with natural essential oils. A beautifully natural couture perfume for your room.

 Will sumptuously fragrance your home for 3 – 5 months (yes, this is surprising but they are indeed much longer lasting than most). 100 ml of the concentrated perfume oil serum.

The PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser uses a highly fragrant and natural perfume oil serum (instead of the usual solvents), which is much healthier for your family than the average aroma diffuser (especially cheap scent diffusers).

 10 x black, extra-long and strong rattan reeds make this reed diffuser suitable for large rooms. Regulate the fragrance intensity and longevity to your taste by using more or less reeds.

 Non-flammable – no-toxic – non-carcinogenic – non-VOC.

 Handmade with love and care by Artisans in our Perfume Ateliers in the United Kingdom.

– Highly concentrated and deeply scented diffuser oil: there is more pure couture perfume in our bottles then in a typical ‘Eau de Parfum’.

 Luxury glass decanter with frosted design and includes decorative chrome collar.

 Suitable for Aromatherapy at home.

 100% Vegan.

This is a natural and healthy reed diffuser for you, your family and the environment.

This reed diffuser will infuse your home with natural goodness making it an ideal gift or something special for your own home.


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Reed Diffuser Tower Classic – Bergamot & White Tea