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Natural Reed Diffuser – Long-lasting and Healthy – Fragrances for 2 – 3 months (50 ml) – by PAIRFUM – Orangerie Blossoms

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Concentrated Oil Diffuser
Simply open and display PAIRFUM’s Tower Oil Diffuser to envelope your home with a beautiful couture perfume. PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of fragrant elegance to your world within with this reed diffuser. We care about the people you present this product to, they will know you care about them and your world too:
• couture perfume for you and your home, with natural / organic essential oils. The healthy choice for your family.

• find your fragrance from our beautifully sensuous and unusual fragrances. The perfume guide might give you some inspiration.

• the 50 ml of the concentrated fragrance oil serum will sumptuously perfume for 2-3 months (yes, it is surprising how much longer our reed diffusers last)

• this oil diffuser is suitable for normal size rooms with its extra long and natural black reeds. When the reeds draw up the fragrance, they will consistently enhance the ambiance of your room. You can adjust the intensity & longevity to your taste through the number of reeds in the oil serum.

• non-flammable – no-toxic – non-carcinogenic

• proudly handmade and packed with love and care by our Artisan craftsmen in the United Kingdom

• highly & deeply fragrant, there is more natural perfume oil in our bottles then in a typical ‘eau de parfum’

• luxury Glass decanter that includes a decorative chrome collar

• suitable for aromatherapy or aromachology at home
Infuse your home with the natural goodness of the fragrance oil in this reed diffuser.
The Healthy Oil Diffuser !
The PAIRFUM reed diffuser uses an innovative fragrance oil serum (natural and biodegradable). The vast majority of scented oils, aroma diffusers and cheap reed diffusers currently offered for sale, use carrier solvents to save cost. These carrier solvents are not eco-friendly and are also classified as VOC ( ‘volatile organic compound’ ) under EU and US legislation. We encourage you to further investigate the ill effects of VOCs in your home, as these materials are not beneficial for the lungs and they deplete the ozone layer. The PAIRFUM reed diffuser is, however, healthy for you & your family, as we do not use any of these solvents. We support the ‘solvent free home’ initiative.


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Reed Diffuser Tower – Orangerie Blossoms